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Muf: Collection


"warm covering for the hands," 1590s, from Dutch mof "a muff," shortened from Middle Dutch moffel "mitten, muff," from Middle French moufle "mitten," from Old French mofle "thick glove, large mitten, handcuffs" (9c.), from Medieval Latin muffula "a muff," of unknown origin. In 17c.-18c. also worn by men.
Our Mufs are a 21st Century twist on a traditional idea.
The Muf collection includes a range of Kuf Mufs lined with Kevlar, a high quality material that is widely used in protective clothing, worn by many in our security forces. 
Tired of carrying your keys and phone in your pocket. Relaim your muff! When inside the pub or a club, carry your Kuf Muf on your lower arm. Your valuables are on your person and safe within the zipped pocket.
Our collection also features Muf muffs for contemporary people who like to make a statement. Fluf Mufs are a flamboyant fancy, Jak Mufs are our top of the range offering, with double pocket.
Kit Mufs are also presented as a practical non-gender messenger style bag.
A selection of Limited Edition and other deluxe Mufs are featured in our exclusive Eclipse range.
Emily Pankhurst, Sarah Bernhardt, and other famous people throughout history wore muffs. Viva Liberation!