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km: Gavin : Limited Edition


Zen 'Gavin' printed velvet Kuf Muf, slightly ruched, lined with high quality Red Fox faux fur, and strong kevlar wadding. The 'Gavin' Kuf Muf offers warmth and an 'on trend' style. Cut a dash with this stylish muff! Designed and made in creative studios in England. 

It also has one useful pocket (made from taffeta peace silk) for your mobile phone, keys and credit cards. It also has a button hole into the pocket for your head phone cable!

For convenience, the Kuf Muf can be worn on your lower arm (length 27cm), over your coat or jacket, allowing ease of access to the private zipped pocket.

Designed to keep your valuables safe. Kevlar lined. 

The Kuf Muf is slightly larger than the Fluf and Jak Muf.

The Gavin Kuf Muf is only one of three limited edition Mufs to be made, and also forms part of our 'Eclipse range' Deluxe collection.

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